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TS Glide Ranch

  • Owner
    Glide Foundation
  • Address
    36355 Russelll Blvd.
  • Address2
    N / A
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  • email
  • Phone
    530 756 8518 x12
  • Directions


    From Highway 113 and Russell Blvd.:
    • Head west on Russell Blvd.
    • At the fork of Russell Blvd. and Arlington Blvd., make a left to continue onto Russell Blvd.
    • Continue west on Russell Blvd. for about 3 miles
    • Turn left on Glide Ranch Road (at the driveway where the large, white "T.S. Glide Ranch Headquarters" sign is)
    Directions may vary if you are using a map service or GPS navigator.  Due to the variety of organizations on the property, it works best to enter the physical address "36355 Russell Blvd. Davis, CA 95616" not just "Glide Ranch."

  • Hours
  • Primary Ag Business
    • cattle ranch
    • Other (please explain below)
  • Primary Ag Business--Other

    Horse sanctuary

  • Farm or ranch acreage
  • Activities

    The Glide Ranch is a multi-purpose property, home the following operations:
    • the T.S. Glide Venue  (36355 Russell Blvd. in Davis, CA)
    • the headquarters of the T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation
    • a working cattle ranch and horse sanctuary
    • the main office of the Community Alliance with Family Farmers

  • Products


    The venue, with beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces is ideal for meetings, weddings, parties, or other special events.

  • Events
    N / A
  • Accommodations
    • wedding or event facilities
  • Direct Agricultural Sales
    N / A
  • Educational Experience
    N / A
  • Entertainment
    • special events
  • Outdoor Recreation
    N / A
  • Miscellaneous
    N / A