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Redwood Hill Farm ~ Capracopia

  • Owner
    Jennifer Lynn Bice
  • Address
    5480 Thomas Road
  • Address2
    N / A
  • City
  • County
  • Zip
  • email
  • Phone
    (707) 827-3366
  • Directions
    N / A
  • Hours
    by reservation only
  • Primary Ag Business
    • dairy operation (cows or sheep or goats or others)
    • fruit or nut orchards
    • vegetables and/or berries and/or melons
    • vineyard or olive orchards
  • Primary Ag Business--Other

    We are a diversified family farm whose focus is on dairy goats.

  • Farm or ranch acreage
  • Activities

    We provide guided tours where people will experience the joy of holding a baby goat as well as feeding and milking a goat. People will also take a walk around the farm and learn of our sustainable practices and the diversity of our products.

  • Products

    Depending on the time of year, we will sell honey, olive oil, cheese, flowers and fruits.

  • Events
    N / A
  • Accommodations
    N / A
  • Direct Agricultural Sales
    • farm stand with fresh produce
    • flowers or nursery plants
    • meat or poultry or eggs or animal products
  • Educational Experience
    • classes or workshops
    • farm tours
  • Entertainment
    • picnic or play area
  • Outdoor Recreation
    N / A
  • Miscellaneous
    N / A