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Oasis Camel Dairy

Gil and Nancy Riegler
26757 Old Julian Hwy
((Please see website for detailed directions))
San Diego

The Oasis Camel Dairy is located on Hwy 78, eight miles East of Ramona and six miles West of Santa Ysabel in East San Diego County. Our street address is 26757 Old Julian Hwy BUT.... if you "search" that address, you will be taken up a very windy road! If you want to do an online map search, use 26702 Hwy 78 and that will get you right across the Hwy! If you do a google search using Oasis Camel Dairy, the correct directions should pop right up!  (NOTE: When we first moved to Ramona, our address was in town on main street and as much as I've tried to have that removed, some searches will show that address too. )

See website for more specific directions from all areas.

We hold OPEN HOUSES once a month & also open for SPECIAL EVENTS. See website for dates.
Primary Ag Business
  • dairy operation (cows
  • sheep
  • goats
  • others)
  • horse ranch
  • sheep
  • goats
  • hogs
  • llamas
  • alpacas
  • other animals
  • Other (please explain below)
Primary Ag Business--Other

Camel Dairy and Rehabilitation Center

Farm or ranch acreage
34 acres

Oasis Camel Dairy, the first and only camel diary in America, supports the efforts of furthering the education of the public world wide about the amazing nature of camels and their milk.

Our Camel Care and Rehabilitation Program assists camels with varying needs including basic socialization with other camels to intensive medical treatment.

Oasis also provides entertainment and education of exotic birds through 'Nancy Riegler's Bird Show' (as seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Tonight Show) as well as other useful information on turkeys, sheep, horses and various other livestock.


SHOWS:  Camel Dairy Life Show, Nancy Riegler's Bird Show, Turkey Stampede
PRODUCTS:  Hand Crafted Camel Milk soaps, lip balms, lotions, imported Camel's Milk chocolate and more
RENTALS: - Rent a Camel (for events, parties, stage, Nativity, TV/Movies/Media)
RIDES: - Onsite Camel Rides (and offsite via rentals)


Open Houses Monthly
Annual: Watermelon Days and Pomegranate Days Festivals
See our website and calendar for dates and times

Direct Agricultural Sales
  • agriculture-related gifts/crafts
  • on-farm sales
Educational Experience
  • agricultural technical tours
  • classes or workshops
  • farm tours
  • lecture/presentation
  • school or youth tours
  • festivals and fairs
  • hay rides
  • petting zoo
  • special events
Outdoor Recreation
  • photography

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