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 Business Name Stepladder Creamery
 Owner Jack Rudolph
 City Cambria
 County San Luis Obispo
 Zip 93428
 email stepladdercreamery@gmail.com
 Website http://www.stepladdercreamery.com
 Directions Tucked away in the mountains between Cambria & San Simeon

 Hours Tours Offered Daily
 Primary Ag Business dairy operation (cows, sheep, goats, others), fruit or nut orchards, sheep, goats, hogs, llamas, alpacas, other animals, vegetable, berries, melon production, Other (please explain below)
 Primary Ag Business--Other Farmstead Creamery & Avocado/Citrus Farm

 Farm or ranch acreage 740
 Activities We offer private tours of our farmstead dairy and creamery daily. The tours are a wonderful way to get to know our friendly herd of LaMancha goats and tour our dairy and milking parlor that were both built inside of the ranch's historic 100-year old barn.

The tours are 1-hour long and will give you a unique and personalized opportunity to see what’s happening inside of our milking parlor and view our creamery from the outside viewing window as guided by one of our Stepladder Creamery staff members. Tour guests will learn all about the cheesemaking process and conclude their tour with a tasting of the seasonal cheeses that we have available.

Tours from February - July, includes spending time with the farm's many baby goats aka "kids" that arrive in the Spring.

 Products Farmstead goat cheeses from pasture raised Lamancha goats
Pasture raised cow's milk cheeses
Haas avocados and citrus (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes) and passion fruits

 Events Private farm dinners are held quarterly, check our website for more information!

 Accommodations farm stays, farm/ranch vacation, wedding or event facilities
 Direct Agricultural Sales farm stand, fresh produce, meat, poultry, eggs, animal products, on-farm sales
 Educational Experience agricultural technical tours, farm tours, garden/nursery tours, participatory experience, processing or packing facility tour
 Entertainment petting zoo, special events
Webmaster Email: paleff@ucdavis.edu