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California Agricultural Tourism Directory
California Agricultural Tourism Directory
California Agricultural Tourism Directory
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California Agricultural Tourism Directory


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 Business Name True Grass Farms
 Owner Guido Frosini
 Address PO Box 412
 City Valley Ford
 County Marin
 Zip 94972
 Phone (707) 876-3567
 Fax (707) 876-1950
 Directions By Appointment Only, Biosecurity requirements for animal safety & ranch security in place. Call for next Tour Date. For Animal Safety, Visitors who have visited outside USA within the prior 2 weeks where Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) present  are required to defer visit for two weeks, as clothing,shoes & human breathe may be FMD carrier.

 Primary Ag Business cattle ranch, grain or field crops, sheep, goats, hogs, llamas, alpacas, other animals, vegetable, berries, melon production
 Primary Ag Business--Other Wagyu Beef (California Kobe) heritage chickens

 Farm or ranch acreage over 100 acres, Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, Grass Fed
 Activities Farm tours, field walks, bird watching, wild plant life observation, livestock, poultry and small animal watch in free range environment, panorama views of Estero's in Marin County

 Products Beef,pork, poultry, produce& berries in season

 Events visit website, sign up for email alerts ,biosecurity requirement for animal safety and farm security required.

 Accommodations Bed & Breakfast, camping or RV facilities, farm stays, farm/ranch vacation, wedding or event facilities, youth or group camp
 Direct Agricultural Sales agriculture-related gifts/crafts, farm stand, fresh produce, meals, meat, poultry, eggs, animal products, on-farm sales, processed food, wine, juice, oil, U-pick
 Educational Experience agricultural technical tours, farm tours, heritage/ag museum, historical exhibits, lecture/presentation, school or youth tours
 Entertainment picnic or play area, pumpkin patch, special events
 Outdoor Recreation bird watching, camping, game/wildlife preserve, hunting, nature walks, wildlife viewing
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