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 Business Name Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead
 Owner Ted, Laddie & Chris Hall
 Address 738 Main Street
 City Saint Helena
 County Napa
 Zip 94574
 Phone (707) 963-4555
 Fax (707) 963-1956
 Directions Turn onto Charter Oak at the intersection of Main Street (Highway 29) and Charter Oak Avenue. Parking is one half block.
 Primary Ag Business fruit or nut orchards, nursery and/or Christmas trees or timber, vegetable, berries, melon production, vineyard, olive orchards
 Farm or ranch acreage 3 acres; 700+ in total
 Activities Long Meadow Ranch proprietors Ted, Laddie, and Chris Hall are pleased to announce the opening of Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead, a sustainable food, wine and agricultural center located in St. Helena, the heart of the Napa Valley. A local gathering place and Napa Valley destination, the multi-use location is anchored by Farmstead restaurant and Long Meadow Ranch Winery’s new tasting room, as well as wine flavor and vegetable gardens, a seasonal farm stand, and an organic nursery. This exciting destination offers an array of experiences for lovers of local food and wines, including fresh farm-to-table dining, wine and olive oil tasting, and engaging educational experiences that underscore Long Meadow Ranch’s time-honored motto of “Excellence through Responsible Farming.” Located on a two-and-a-half-acre site with an agricultural heritage dating from the 1870s, the entire property is solar powered and is maintained using the traditional, sustainable, and certified organic practices long employed by Long Meadow Ranch – hailed by local food advocates for its full circle farming methods that rely on each part of the ranch contributing to the success of the whole.
 Products Wine, olive oil, grass-fed beef, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs. Farm-to-table restaurant with outdoor patio and bar.. Full-line organic nursery and organic feed & seed.
 Events Garden and vineyard tours daily. Educational seminars on Saturday afternoon.
 Accommodations conference facility/meeting room, wedding or event facilities
 Direct Agricultural Sales farm stand, fresh produce, meals, meat, poultry, eggs, animal products, on-farm sales, processed food, wine, juice, oil, wine tasting
 Educational Experience garden/nursery tours, heritage/ag museum, lecture/presentation, vineyard tours
 Entertainment special events
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