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 Business Name Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm
 City Cupertino
 County Santa Clara County
 Zip 95014
 Primary Ag Business fruit or nut orchards, grain or field crops, sheep, goats, hogs, llamas, alpacas, other animals, vegetable, berries, melon production, vineyard, olive orchards
 Farm or ranch acreage 10
 Activities Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm is an educational 501(c)(3) Nonprofit located in Cupertino, CA. The purpose of Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm is to educate the community on sustainable food production and what food looks

 Products Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm offers:
Farm Tours - a one hour guided tour of everything the Farm produces: eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, craft beer, all natural soda, etc. The Farm Tour is private for just you, your family, or your group. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Farm to Picnic - includes the Farm Tour followed by an elegant Six-Course meal in the garden where the food was grown. The Farm to Picnic is private and the meal is custom tailored for you and your group.

Volunteering - (18+ years old) every Sunday is volunteer day for registered volunteers to come hang out, meet new friends, learn, and do farm work. A lunch is served and the Farm's Craft beer and all natural soda are available. Every volunteer goes home with a goodie bag of what is harvesting at the time.

Volunteer event days for companies or large groups are available. Email us for more information.

 Direct Agricultural Sales meals
 Educational Experience farm tours, participatory experience, school or youth tours
 Outdoor Recreation wildlife viewing
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